FilPure Offers Best Sydney Water Filters

Welcome to Filpure. We are a contented name in providing water filtration systems for both commercial and domestic applications. We are the pioneer of water treatment system, with built-in backflow prevention valve. This innovative brain child of Filpure eradicates the spread of bacteria. We have been serving the industry with the precision to innovation since 1987. We are NSF international certified to ensure the water quality at its best.

Drink healthy live more!

We use distinctive designs, finest quality materials and state of the art engineering techniques to produce water filters in Sydney. The Filpure series of water treatment appliances come in a variety of models with the dissimilar applications and features. Choose the right fit for your requirements.
Our massive collection of water treatment systems guarantees high tech performance with enhanced durability. We are customer centric to the core. From the installation to after sale customer care, we embark on building loyal customer base.
Our product range of water treatment appliance is,

  • Reverse Osmosis water filters
  • Water coolers
  • Water filters

Reverse Osmosis water purification offers a chemical free and low-maintenance, option to eradicate water impurities. Each model has different features, capacity and unit dimensions. RO systems substantially vary in 3 elementary functionalities ,

  • Quality components
  • Number of filtration phases
  • Purification capacity per day

All RO filtration systems are compact and can ideally be installed under the sink. Point of use (POU) water filtration system can also be connected to your ice machine or has an automated – shut off valve for water preservation. For more information on RO systems, please Click Here

Our cooler range of floor standing and bench top mirrors the identical components and features except for substantial difference. Bench top series has been designed with the special emphasis on the compact solution. The cooler range has installed twin under sink system model PUII. This offers dual protection against chemicals, cysts and sediments. Water coolers have optional standard filters or reverse osmosis filters. From main connected systems, bottle fed systems to automated bubblers with a densed mounted flush, we have got all. Our range embarks on multiple machines to design the right fit for your domestic and office use.
For more details on water coolers, please click here

We provide high tech range of water purifiers. From under sink, counter top to whole house filter systems , we offer all. All water purifiers ensure the extraordinary quality and supply of filtered water at an cost effective price. Moreover, these purifiers conserve electricity and so the water. We are an innovation enthusiast, when it comes to Sydney’s water filters.

We are privileged to offer alkaline purification system. This state of the art technology breaks down water molecule clusters into tiny clusters for better water absorption in the body. Its natural high PH level reduces risk of disease. Moreover, series of King of filters embark on next generation water filtration system. This series incorporates methods of microscopic filtration and reverse osmosis to provide alkaline water. King filter range is highly recognized by Australian NATA registered laboratory. This ensures the 99.9% purified water for a healthy life.

We are customer centric and your contentment is our satisfaction.

All the systems and products provided at Filpure are backed by a 5-year warranty against the defects of industrial workmanship. Periodic filter change boasts the durability and the performance of the filtration system. We have a huge stock of inventories to replace and upgrade parts within your water filter systems. From RO membranes, sediment filters, carbon filters to tubing and other parts, we carry all replacement parts.

We believe in building a customer base. Moreover, we also remind when the filter replacement is due. This makes us a compassionate brand across Sydney.
To have a keen insight on our product range, please browse our system catalog.

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