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We are the pioneer of water treatment system, with built in backflow prevention valve. This innovative brain child of Filpure eradicates the spread of bacteria. We offer wide the range of Reverse Osmosis systems. Our RO filtration range provides guaranteed 100% purified water for your domestic and business use.

We use distinctive designs, premium quality materials and state of the art engineering techniques to produce water treatment products in Sydney.
Our huge collection of reverse osmosis systems will guarantee low cost maintaince, high efficiency and durability. We are customer driven to the core. From the installation to after sale customer care, we embark on building loyal customer base.
Our product range of Reverse Osmosis water filters is:

  • Five stage Reverse Osmosis- Model RO UC-5
  • Reverse Osmosis- Model RO-4
  • Three stage Reverse Osmosis -Model RO UC-3


All our RO system models are NFC- Standard 53 certified. RO systems are far more reliable, economical and convenient than bottled water. Enjoy free installation within the metropolitan area of Sydney, with a free chrome tap. All RO systems can be installed on the organically harmless water supply only.

Drink healthy live more!

All RO filtration systems are compact and can ideally be installed under the sink. Point of use (POU) water filtration system can also be connected to your ice machine or fridge. Refer to RO systems manual, to learn about water pressure considerations. All water treatment products are the perfect fit for businesses and domestic use. Each RO model has different features, capacity and unit dimensions. Acquire the right fit for your needs.

Five stage Reverse osmosis

Five stage reverse osmosis- Model RO UC-5 is an under sink unit. This exotic model holds the NSF certification with five years of warranty. This model features,

  • The filter capacity of 250 liters per day (based on 60psi)
  • The unit dimension of 380mm W X 420mm H X 145mm D
  • The tank of 420mm H X 260 D


The state of the art model effectively eradicates the water impurities to 99.9%. This model embarks on alleviating water contaminations like, iron, copper, ammonia, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), fluoride, dirt, rust, chlorine, bacteria, odour and much more. With this system installed in place, there is no impurity that can’t be purified. For having keen acumen on this model browse here

Reverse Osmosis- Model RO-4

This compact design is ideal for space saving and can easily be installed, under the sink. This water treatment system has 4 phase purification process. It has a great capacity duty system to provide optimum convenience, performance and value. Australian made, great quality pool tank with automatic shut- off valve for water preservation, makes it an intelligent choice. This model features,

  • The filter capacity of 25 liter\ per day depends on 60psi,
  • The unit dimensions of 340mm Wide x 160mm Deep x 395
  • The TFC membrane


Enjoy the warranty of 5 years. This model eradicates water pollutants like aluminum, mercury, selenium, chloride, barium, fluoride, odor, bad taste and much more. For having keen acumen on this model browse here

Three stage Reverse Osmosis -Model RO UC-3

This model can be easily installed under the sink. This water treatment system has 3 phase purification process. This model purifies chemicals, heavy metals, odor and improves taste. Enjoy the warranty of 5 years with up 12 months filter life. State of the art design amalgamated with supreme quality makes it a wise choice. This model features

  • The filter capacity of 250 liters\24 hrs depend on 60psi,
  • The unit dimension of 340mm W X 375mm H X 45mm,
  • The tank capacity of 420mm H X 260mm.

For having keen acumen on this model browse here


After sale customer care at Filpure

We have a holistic service design. Moreover, we have a huge stock of inventories to upgrade and replace parts within your RO system. From sanitizing kit, RO nozzle or polyethylene tubing, spre parts to RO membranes, cartridge and water filter in Sydney, we have covered it all.

Filpure system uses NSF International certified cartridges to guarantee high quality purified drinking water. We help you reminding, when the filter change is due. Regular cartridge change ensures the efficiency and so the durability. This keeps the cycle of purified water supply and immaculate after sale service intact.

We are a contented and holistic name in providing Reverse Osmosis in Sydney.
Please crawl our website for keen insight on the RO product and service that, we are offering. For more information, please contact us here