Hydrogen-Rich Alkaline Water Filters are designed to effectively raise PH levels as well as producing antioxidant & oxygenating qualities, the Alkaline filter lowers ORP and breaks up the clusters of water molecules into smaller clusters, this makes it easier for your body to absorb so you stay better hydrated by drinking alkaline filtered water. 

The water filter attached before the Alkaline removes contaminants from your water. They use activated carbon and other natural filtering media to trap particles, chemicals, harmful metals, and odour-causing compounds, improving the taste and smell of your drinking water. The powerful alkaline filter will also raise pH levels in the water by stabilizing it with essential minerals like calcium and magnesium which can help to balance out the acidity or alkalinity of your drinking water. 

The system reduces chlorine, fluoride and other heavy metals that are commonly found in tap water supplies. Alkaline filters offer an easy and efficient way to provide cleaner, healthier drinking water for your family. 

These filters are relatively low maintenance and easy to install, making them ideal for use in homes and businesses. 

The health benefits of alkaline water are many, including improved hydration, better nutrient absorption and improved body acid-alkaline balance. By removing bacteria and toxins from your drinking water you can also reduce the risk of stomach discomfort, upset digestive systems and other related health issues. 

These Alkaline filters provide a reliable and cost-effective way to ensure your family is drinking clean, fresh-tasting water. With advances technology, they have also become more eco-friendly, with many companies now offering biodegradable and recyclable materials. 

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