Shower water filters can play an important part of keeping your family safe from the harmful effects of chlorine and other chemicals found in tap water. A shower filter that can fit in with the existing showerhead can improve the quality of your shower water, making it softer and more refreshing.

Especially due to a long hot winter shower, chlorine inhalation while showering is one of the most harmful and easily avoidable things that we can do to our bodies. Harmful chlorine gas is released when water that contains chlorine is heated, and this gas can be easily inhaled while showering.

Chlorine gas is known to cause a number of health problems, including respiratory problems, skin irritation, and even cancer. A good quality shower filter can remove chlorine and other impurities from your water, making it much safer for you and your family.

Shower filtration technology

We have some of the best shower water filters available. If chlorine removal (or the removal of heavy metals, or other harsh chemicals), softer hair, smoother skin, or a more refreshing shower are your goals, then a shower filter from us is the way to go.