Understanding the 5 Stages of Reverse Osmosis: How Filpure Ensures Your Water is Pure and Safe 

For Sydney residents, staying hydrated is crucial. But with concerns about tap water quality, many people turn to reverse osmosis (RO) filtration systems. But how exactly does RO work? 

Filpure (since 1987), a trusted leader in water filtration solutions, utilises a 5-stage RO process to ensure your drinking water is not only refreshing but also remarkably safe. Let’s explore the science behind each stage: 

Stage 1: Particle Removal 

This step removes large particles like dirt, sand and rust from your water supply. Filpure employs high-quality sediment filters to protect the delicate RO membrane in later stages. 

Stage 2: Activated Carbon Block Filter for Chlorine Removal 

Chlorine, often used for disinfection, can impact taste and odour. This stage utilises a pre-carbon filter to absorb these unwanted elements, leaving your water noticeably fresher. 

Stage 3: Ultrafine Reverse Osmosis Membrane 

This is the heart of the RO system. The semi-permeable membrane acts like a microscopic gatekeeper, allowing only pure water molecules to pass through, while blocking out a wide range of contaminants. Imagine tiny water balloons squeezing through a special net, leaving everything else behind. Filpure utilises advanced RO membrane technology for superior contaminant rejection. 

Stage 4: Prolonged Contact Time Carbon Filter Stage 4: Prolonged Contact Time Carbon Filtration 

In the fourth stage of the water treatment process, water passes through a prolonged contact time carbon filter. This filter is designed to remove a wide range of contaminants, including organic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and disinfection byproducts. The filter media consists of activated carbon, which is a highly porous material with a large surface area. This allows the carbon to trap and hold contaminants as water passes through the filter. 

The extended contact time between the water and the carbon allows for more effective removal of contaminants. The filter also helps to reduce the taste and odour of the water. 

Stage 5: Coconut shell activated carbon polishing Post Filter (for superb-tasting water) 

Coconut shell-based activated carbon post-filters effectively remove impurities from water. They improve taste, smell and appearance and reduce the risk of waterborne diseases. 

Filpure’s Commitment to Innovation and Safety 

Filpure goes beyond the basic 5-stage RO process. Their dedication to innovation is evident in their: 

High-quality filtration media: They use premium components for superior contaminant removal and ensure long-lasting performance. 

Advanced RO membrane technology: Their membranes offer exceptional rejection rates for a wider range of contaminants, including heavy metals, fluoride and bacteria. 

Rigorous testing: Filpure systems undergo stringent testing to meet Australian standards for water quality and safety. 

Peace of Mind with Every Sip 

With Filpure’s 5-stage RO system (with free standard installation and free designer tap), you can be confident that your family is drinking the purest, safest water possible. By removing harmful contaminants while potentially adding back beneficial minerals, Filpure empowers Sydney residents to stay hydrated and healthy, one refreshing sip at a time.