Call Filpure For Office Or School Water Bubbler In Sydney

Your employees have been telling you that it’s time to get a new water bubbler in your office. They say the water coming out of the old machine doesn’t taste right, never seems to be the right temperature and smells odd. You want to give your employees safe drinking water, but you also want to work with a company that can offer you a reasonable price along with quality service. That means you want to choose Filpure Water Treatment Systems to install your office water bubbler in Sydney.

Perhaps you don’t run a business in Sydney, but you do run a school. You know the school’s water bubblers are not doing a good job. You also want to find a company that will give you that same reasonable price and that same guarantee of quality service. We are happy to say that we can also solve your Sydney school water bubbler issues.

Getting The Right Office Or School Water Bubbler In Sydney

We have been in the water purification business for over 30 years, and our goal is to make one thing perfectly clear – your water. Our F-series free standing water bubblers are the perfect solution for your office, or school requirements in Sydney. Our purification system that comes with every water bubbler removes Giardia cyst, cryptosporidium, lead and chlorine to name a few contaminants, and improves the taste and odour of your water.

Our water bubblers are well constructed, and the front panel removes for easy service. It’s also a simple process to change the water filters.

If space is a concern, we can also provide an in-built wall recessed office or school water bubbler in Sydney. It offers the same quality product as our F-series and removes the same contaminants while improving the odour and the taste of the water.


The importance of safe clean water for your health

You do want the best for your Sydney office water bubbler or your school’s water bubblers. Your employees’ or students’ well-being should always be on your mind, and good clean water is one of the most important things you can do to encourage better health. Clean, pure water is essential to a healthy lifestyle. It’s hard to get your employees or your students to drink the water they need each day if it’s an unpleasant experience. When you use our water filtration systems, your company or your school knows you are providing the highest quality water.

Many of our products are Australian made. We offer all types of water filters, water coolers and reverse osmosis systems as well as our water bubblers. Providing you with extraordinary service, the best in designs and technology and the knowledge that we are constantly looking at new ways to improve what we do are just a few of the things that we have done to build our business and our base of satisfied customers. Knowing that you are happy with your new water filtration systems is one of our most important goals.



All our water filtration systems and products provided at Filpure are Australian & USA Made and backed by a 5-year warranty against the defects of industrial workmanship. Periodic filter change boasts the durability and the performance of the filtration system.

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