What is ORP?

When we see a piece of iron rusting, or a slice of apple turning brown, we are looking at examples of relatively slow oxidation. When we look at a fire, we are witnessing an example of rapid oxidation.

Oxidation involves an exchange of electrons between two atoms. The atom that loses an electron in the process is said to be “oxidized.” The one that gains an electron is said to be “reduced.”

What Is ORP in Alkaline Water and Why Is It Important for Your Health?                                         

Alkaline water is deemed healthy for your body as it has a negative Oxidation Reduction Potential or ORPI Most of us don’t know what ORP in water is, let alone understand how and why it is healthy.

Here is a brief primer on ORP in water so that you understand the importance of alkaline water for your family’s health.

ORP in Water Primer: 

ORP in water is a measure of whether the water you are drinking oxidizes or reduces another substance inside your body.

In plain speak, positive ORP readings indicate that your drinking water is more contaminated. Negative ORP readings, on the other hand, indicate just the opposite. The more negative the ORP is,

the more anti-oxidizing the water. This has many benefits for you.

 Why Does the Human Body Need a Negative ORP in Water? 

The human body needs to have a negative ORP and be on the alkaline side to function. If a person has too acidic blood, he would be likely to die. A person’s saliva and several other body fluids have a negative ORP value as do many fresh fruit juices. You can test the freshness of fruit juice by its ORP level.

It is possible to test the ORP value of the water you drink too. Alkaline water which is water with a pH of 8 or more, has a negative ORP value. A High pH and negative ORP make alkaline water good and healthful for your body because it nourishes your body’s fluids.

Negative ORP water doesn’t contain dangerous, possibly lethal contaminants like Lead and Mercury and this is also a very big reason alkaline water is safe and healthy. Lead and mercury, both affect the brain and nerves and can cause death.

Negative ORP drinking water standards are thus critical to your health.

 Alkaline Water Benefits for Health

Alkaline water is a super hydrator with awesome anti-oxidating benefits. This means it can hydrate your system 5 times more efficiently than regular water. It has great immunity-boosting benefits as it has anti-oxidant properties.

 What is a Good ORP Level? 

The more negative the ORP value, the more anti-oxidant properties are present in the alkaline water you are drinking.

As explained earlier, these properties are associated with anti-aging and cellular health. Positive ORP values, on the other hand, have the opposite effect. They age you before time!

Without getting into the chemistry of water, let’s just put it this way- negative ORP value in alkaline drinking water can neutralize free radicals in your body. And water with positive ORP values cannot do so. High ORP drinking water standards are thus the best.

If you ask us what is a good ORP level for drinking water, the answer is it should have a rating of at least -50 millivolts, but it’s not often the case, hence a good alkaline water system should be added to your RO system in the kitchen.

This is the only way to get great, healthful drinking water that is even more healthy than bottled water.

 Alkaline Water and Free Radicals: 

Free radicals are unstable ions in the body that are generated by your system and can cause problems with your DNA. You can decrease free radicals by drinking anti-oxidant alkaline water with negative ORP values.

This water can also neutralize excess acids in the body and help regulate the body and keeps it healthy.

Water surrounds us. It’s in our bodies, comes out of faucets, and runs through rivers, lakes, and oceans. While water seems similar, each source has its own set of ORP values. If you’re concerned about the health of your body, then pay attention to the ORP and pH of the water you drink. Alkalife can help you check the pH of the water that you drink.

If you want to know more about ORP, pH, and water safety please contact us.



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