TBB Series

Whole House Filtration Systems

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  • High Flow Whole House filtration systems are specifically designed to reduce taste, odour, sediments, dirt, rust, reduced allergies and dry sensitive skin water chemicals.
  • Water flow up to 50 liters per minute
  • Enjoy chlorine-free water at every tap and showers throughout your house, factory and office.
  • Bath and Shower, softer, healthier skin and hair.
  • Pets, feeds your little buddies with chemicals free water.
  • Clothing, protects fabric and preserves clothing colours.
  • Garden and plants, chlorine free water for flowers and plants.

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Model: TBB- 20 = Twin 20’’X 4.5”
Model: TBB- 10 = Twin 10” X 4.5”

Model TBB- 20S = Single 20”X 4.5”
Model TBB- 10S = Single 10” X 4.5”

Flow rate

Water flow up to 50 liters per minute

Micron rating

1,5,10,20,50 Micron

Water Temperature

+4°C to +70°C

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