Ceramic Filter Cartridge

Product: Doulton Ceramic Cartridge

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  • The Doulton Ultra Carb Ceramic is a three stage cartridge combines outer shell from Diatomaceous Earth formed from millions of microscopic silicone shells
  • Impregnated with silver ions
  • Carbon block Core.


  •  Bacteria
  •  Cholera
  •  Cryptosporidium
  •  Giardia
  •  E-Coli
  •  Salmonella
  •  Lead
  •  Sediment
  • chloramines
  • bad taste and odour to NSF/ANSI 42 and chemicals,
  • pesticides and heavy metals to NSF/ANSI 53.
cartridge replacement

12 Months/4000 liters

Micron Rating


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