FS Series

Filpure Whole Building Filtration Systems

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  • Whole building stainless steel water filtration systems .¬†are specifically designed to reduce taste, odour, sediments, dirt, rust, reduced allergies and dry sensitive skin water chemicals.
  • Enjoy chlorine-free water at every tap and showers throughout whole building.
  • Protects all water appliances.
  • Flow rate 90 LPM 220 LPM 295 LPM 440 LPM
FS 10 - 4X2-304 1.5" MNPT

Max Flow: 90 LPM (w/Pleated), 145LPM (w/Depth)

FS 20 - 4X2-304 1.5" MNPT

Max Flow: 220LPM (w/Pleated), 145LPM (w/Depth)

FS30 - 4X3-304 2" MNPT

Max Flow: 330LPM (w/Pleated), 220LPM (w/Depth)

FS40 - 4X4-304 2" MNPT

Max Flow: 440LPM (w/Pleated), 295LPM (w/Depth)

Stainless steel


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