King Series Model F5

Australian Made
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The Finest in Water Purification

The Filpure5® fifth generation water purification system will give you a plentiful supply of the highest purity and greatest tasting drinking water for you and your family to enjoy:

  • Pure healthy water
  • Richer coffee taste
  • Better tasting tea
  • Healthier baby formula
  • Clearer ice cubes
  • Australian Made
  • Lifetime Warranty

The patented Filpure5® fifth generation water treatment methods of microscopic purification combined with careful engineering takes the guess work out of deciding what to remove out of your drinking water. The F5 purification system meets the WaterMark specification AS/NZS 3497:1998 Amdt 1 2001 Drinking water.

The Filpure5® King next generation system will remove the following contaminants:

  • 99.9%Aluminium
  • 99.9%Ammonia
  • 99.9%Arsenic
  • 99.9%Barium
  • 99.9%Bad Taste and Odour
  • 99.9%Boron
  • 99.9%Copper
  • 99.9%Cadmium
  • 99.9%Chromium
  • 99.9%Chloramine
  • 99.9%Cryptosporidium
  • 99.9%Giardia
  • 99.9%E-coli
  • 99.9%Fluoride
  • 99.9%Hydrocarbons
  • 99.9%Heavy Metals
  • 99.9%Iron
  • 99.9%Lead
  • 99.9%Manganese
  • 99.9%Mercury
  • 99.9%Nitrate
  • 99.9%PCBs
  • 99.9%PFAS
  • 99.9%Potassium
  • 99.9%Radium
  • 99.9%Sulphate
  • 99.9%Sodium
  • 99.9%TDS
  • 99.9%Total Hardness

Filpure5® King System is the first water treatment system with built in technology to eliminate the spread of Bacteria for your peace of mind.

1. Pre filtration

Sedimax pre filtration is designed to remove sediment, sand, rust and particles down to 1 micron – 40 times smaller than the eye can see.

2. Activated Carbon

Ultra-clear high capacity coconut shell activated carbon is designed to remove chlorine, toxic organic chemicals, as well as eliminating unpleasant taste and odours.

3. Filpure Membrane

Filpure Membrane® is one of the finest methods of purification, it purifies the water down to molecular level, removes microscopic impurities, flouride, E. coli bacteria, chemical elements such as lead, aluminium, nitrates, copper, barium & cysts such as Giardia Lamblia & Cryptosporidium.

4. Eco-Alkaline® (OPTIONAL)

When water passes through the Eco-Alkaline® it breaks up the clusters of water molecules into smaller clusters. This makes it easier for your body to absorb so you stay better hydrated by drinking alkaline pure water rather than just tap or bottled water.

5. Advanced Automatic water shut off

This conserves water by shutting off automatically when the reservoir tank is full.

6. Storage Tank

NSF certified high quality factory sanitised reservoir tank.

7. Electronic Sensor (OPTIONAL)

The patented Filpure5® system sensor light & alarm, appears when the filter cartridge is due for replacement, to ensure your drinking water is kept pure & healthy.

Installation Standard Undersink

Unit dimension

370mm x 340mm x 380mm

Tank dimension

260mm D x 420mm H

Daily production

300 Litres per day [based on 60 psi]


Filpure5® meets The WaterMark specification AS/NZS 3497:1998 Amdt 1 2001 Drinking water
NSF certified standard for filter cartridges
Certification meets NSF standard 53




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