Whole House Water Filter

The BWH-3 is a comprehensive triple stage Complete home water filtration solution specifically manufactured for Australian households’ water supply.

High Flow Capacity: A high flow capacity of up to 50 litres per minute is a significant benefit. This ensures that the water pressure in the home remains consistent even when the system is operating.

Scale inhibitor: Adding a scale inhibitor system is a practical solution for maintaining water quality without relying on traditional salt-based water softeners. This approach not only benefits the environment and ensures the health of consumers.

The whole house System model (BWH-3) offers a variety of features that makes it stand out: UV Protective Casing: The system’s casing is designed with Australian conditions in mind is a practical advantage, as it ensures the equipment’s durability and effectiveness in the local environment.

  • Water flow up to 50 Liters per minute
  • Enjoy chlorine-free water at every tap and showers throughout your house, factory and office.
  • Bath and Shower, softer, healthier skin and hair.
  • Pets, feeds your little buddies with chemicals free water.
  • Clothing, protects fabric and preserves clothing colours.
  • Garden and plants, chlorine free water for flowers and plants.
  • Chlorine, commonly used to kill germs and bacteria in public water supplies, can have detrimental effects on both hair and skin. With the skin consisting of 70% water and hair consisting of 5% water and 95% protein, the quality and quantity of water we drink and bathe in can significantly impact their health and appearance. Chlorine can strip away natural oils, leading to dryness, frizz, and damage to hair. It can also dry out the skin, causing blemishes and wrinkles. To prevent chlorine from damaging your appearance, it is advisable to install a whole-house carbon water filter, which will remove chlorine from the water throughout your home. Such a filtration system effectively eliminates a wide range of chemical and organic contaminants, delivering healthier water to every faucet. The result is softer skin, smoother hair, and healthier lungs.


The BWH-3 High Flow Whole House filtration system uses three specialty cartridges to work together to effectively remove sediment, dirt, rust, chlorine, lead, heavy metals, taste and odour.


First stage :sediment filter is designed to maximize dirt-holding capacity.

Second stage: carbon filter delivers chlorine-free water to every outlet in the home.

Third stage: Multi-stage filtration Media effectively remove lead, heavy metals, taste and odour suitable for whole house, commercial or industrial applications.


Model BWH-3 Width: 610mm Depth: 235mm Height: 505mm

Max Flow Rate

50 liters per minute

Operating Temp



2 Years [5 years extended Warranty available]

Pre Filter Micron Rating

1,5,10,20,50 Micron

Operating Pressure

200 KPA – 600 KPA

Filter Cartridge Types

Pre Filter cartridge
Heavy Metal Reduction Filter Cartridge
Carbon Block Filter Cartridge
Chloramine Reduction Filter Cartridge
Scale Prevention Filter Cartridge

*It is recommended that the filter cartridge be replaced every 6-12 months according to water quality and usage

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