Where To Buy Under Sink Or Counter Water Filtration Systems

Our world is made up of more than 70% water, so it’s no surprise that water is the earth’s most precious resource. Water also exhibits extremely exclusive properties. It’s one material that exists in liquid form at temperatures usually only found at the surface of our Earth. Water is also unique in that it expands while it freezes.

Frozen water lacks density that enables the ice to float, thus insulating the water underneath from freezing further. Otherwise, all water would freeze and life on earth as we know it would cease.

Since our bodies are predominantly water, making up 60 percent of a human’s body weight, we depend upon water to survive. Our tissues, organs and cells all require water to function properly. Drinking at least eight glasses of water per day may assist with the following:

  • Lubricating the joints
  • Removing the body of toxins through the process of secretion of sweat and urination
  • Defending delicate tissues
  • Keep the body well-hydrated

Without water humans and mammals can become dehydrated. While mild dehydration can make you feel tired and drained of energy, severe dehydration can be fatal. Dehydration can occur when one doesn’t have enough water in their body to assist with the normal bodily functions.

Our Local Company Offers Under Sink Water Filtration Systems At Affordable Prices

Since not all water is created equal, fresh drinking water is vital for optimal health. At Filpure Water Filtration Systems, we provide a wide variety of Australian water filters to include water coolers, reverse osmosis filtration, and under sink water filtration systems.

For over 30 years, we have been providing people with fresh drinking water. We are conveniently located in Fairfield NSW and offer a large inventory of water filters that will improve the quality of the water you use. Our water systems utilise high-end cartridges that are certified and tested by NSF International, which ensures that you are receiving the safest water possible.

Enhance Your Health With An Under Counter Water Filtration System

We know the value of your family’s good health and one way to safeguard wellness is to consume the highest quality drinking water. That’s why we are proud to a local manufacturer of a water treatment system that has a built-in backflow prevention valve that works hard to eliminate the spread of bacteria.

We remain committed to providing our customers with Australian-made under counter water filtration systems, water coolers, and reverse osmosis filtration systems to enhance the quality of their drinking water. The products we offer include a host of clean water products for your factory, residence or business, each at the best price guaranteed.

Some of our services include annual reminders when your filters are due for a replacement as well as a full line of replacement filters for your showers, systems for under a sink or counter, taps, bubblers, water chillers and coolers. Give us a call on 02 97242177 and let’s discuss how we can provide you with clean and fresh water for your home or office today.



All our water filtration systems and products provided at Filpure are Australian & USA Made and backed by a 5-year warranty against the defects of industrial workmanship. Periodic filter change boasts the durability and the performance of the filtration system.

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