Water is the essence of life, and having access to clean, fresh water is a necessity for maintaining good health. In the bustling city of Sydney, where the pace of life is fast and the need for hydration is high, investing in a water cooler for your home or office is not just a luxury, but a necessity. Filpure, a leading provider of water filtration systems, offers a range of water coolers, including bottle type, filter bottle type, and mains connected water coolers, all available in floor standing or bench top models.

Why Invest in a Water Cooler?

  1. Hydration: Staying hydrated is crucial for maintaining optimal health and productivity. A water cooler provides easy access to clean, fresh water, encouraging regular hydration.
  2. Quality: Filpure water coolers offer superior quality water, free from contaminants. This ensures that you’re not just hydrating, but also nourishing your body with pure, clean water.
  3. Convenience: With a water cooler, you have instant access to cold, hot, or room temperature water at the push of a button. This eliminates the need for storing bottled water or boiling water for hot beverages.
  4. Eco-Friendly: Using a water cooler reduces the reliance on single-use plastic bottles, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Understanding the Different Types of Water Coolers

  1. Bottle Type Water Coolers: These are traditional water coolers where a water bottle is placed upside down on top of the unit. They are portable and easy to install.
  2. Filter Bottle Type Water Coolers: These coolers come with a built-in filtration system in the bottle, providing filtered water on demand. They are ideal for places where water quality is a concern.
  3. Mains Connected Water Coolers: These coolers are connected directly to the mains water supply, providing unlimited access to filtered water. They are perfect for high usage environments like offices.

Floor Standing vs Bench Top Water Coolers

  1. Floor Standing Water Coolers: These are freestanding units that can be placed anywhere in the room. They offer larger capacity and are ideal for high traffic areas.
  2. Bench Top Water Coolers: These are compact units designed to sit on a countertop. They are perfect for small spaces and offer the same functionality as floor standing models.

The Savings

Investing in a water cooler from Filpure is not just about convenience and health, it’s also a cost-effective solution. By providing filtered water on demand, it eliminates the need for buying bottled water, leading to significant savings over time. Moreover, with Filpure’s lifetime warranty, you can be assured of the durability and longevity of the product, providing value for money in the long run.


In conclusion, investing in a water cooler for your home or office in Sydney is a wise decision. It promotes hydration, ensures the intake of clean water, offers convenience, and contributes to environmental sustainability. With Filpure’s range of high-quality water coolers, you can choose the one that best suits your needs and enjoy the benefits of clean, fresh water every day. For more information on Filpure’s water coolers, please contact us. Your health is our priority. Stay hydrated, stay healthy with Filpure.